La Femme Institute

a non-profit community center for women and girls

Welcome to La Femme Institute, where your individuality is celebrated and encouraged. No matter where you are today, we fill the gaps to reach your goals for tomorrow. Form lifelong friendships, develop career-building skills, improve your academic standing, exercise your green thumb, or work towards a reimagined YOU. 



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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Each program is designed with versatility in mind. You can be introduced to hobbies, obtain essential skills for advancement in your current career field, or familiarize yourself with new career fields if it is time to make a major life change. No matter your end goals, La Femme Institute supports you in a compassionate environment, providing the freedom to succeed and fail in ways that promote personal and professional growth.

Study Hall, Art Studio, Tech Lab, Couture Closet, The Garden


Get Involved

Help us strengthen our Tampa Bay community by offering your skills as a volunteer. Whether leading an art or computer class, providing legal or financial advice, tending a garden, or managing the front desk, your help is always needed and appreciated.

Why it matters? 

Currently, the percentage of economically independent women has decreased from 34% to 27% in the United states, with only 36% of women having college degrees (2023 census stat). We look forward to changing that!